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Golf Carts + Children = Child Endangerment / Abuse / Neglect

Eastover, N.C. – With summer now in full swing and the Democrats losing their grip on society’s freedoms, you may be tempted to let your children do something very illegal and stupid, like allowing them to operate a golf cart on a North Carolina street or highway.

A very bad idea indeed. In fact, it can lead to your being investigated by your local Department of Social Services for child endangerment and even child neglect or abuse. An Eastover (Tranquil Acres), N.C. couple is now undergoing a Department of Social Services assessment for this very violation as their actions constitute alleged child endangerment.

Now, don’t feel sorry for these parents. According to several residents of Tranquil Acres who called in complaints, as supported by North Carolina State Highway Patrol and Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office computer-aided dispatch calls, the parents were warned several times to not allow their children, ages 7 to 16, to operate their golf cart on the neighborhood streets as it is illegal to do so.

Additionally, it was reported that the children were also;

  • Weaving in the roadway across both lanes of traffic without regard for traffic.
  • Traveling down the middle of the roadway without regard for traffic.
  • Not signaling on starting, stopping, or turning.
  • Not stopping for stop signs or even looking to see if it’s safe to enter the intersection.
  • Riding on the moving golf cart in an overloaded manner creating a danger that a juvenile child could fall into the roadway into the path of another vehicle or otherwise sustaining serious life-threatening injuries.
  • Illegally traveling on a North Carolina street or road in a motor vehicle that does not have the legally required headlights, taillights, marker lights, turn signals, or reflectors at the time of day known as dusk or twilight which is the most dangerous because it is at that time that it is hardest to see.

And quite obviously from their social media remarks, these parents have no sense of shame or remorse for endangering their children either. It wasn’t very hard at all to find out who these “parents” were as they made it a point to brag about their alleged crimes to the world on the NextDoor website attempting to cast themselves as the victims in this issue. But the Davises were quickly admonished that they were in the wrong by their neighbors.

ATTENTION: Normally TPTN would not release any information regarding juveniles but in this case, it is the Davises themselves who released their own identities and those of their children to everyone on the internet via comments on the NextDoor website with regard to the problems they’re causing for the Tranquil Acres community. And videos of people, even children, in a public place is not, and has never been, illegal. Also, had the Davises been adhering to N.C. state laws in the first place their children would not have been illegally on the street to be videoed.

Retired Fayetteville Police Sergeant Jerry Schrecker on behalf of himself and other residents of the Tranquil Acres community filed a complaint with the Cumberland County Department of Social Services [up to 30 sec load time] regarding the severe amount of danger that the Davises were placing their children in by giving them a golf cart and telling them it was okay to go play with it in traffic on the neighborhood streets. Videos depicting a child approximately eight years of age illegally driving the Davises’ golf cart with another child approximately 11 years of age as a passenger were provided to the CCDSS and the NCSHP as evidence. 

According to the complaint filed and NextDoor social media comments reviewed, the Davises are alleged to be quite the neighborhood bullies. Allegedly, the Davises seem to expect the whole neighborhood to put up with their children’s criminal behavior and traffic crimes while at the same time daring anyone to complain about it or, God forbid, accidentally injure their children even though they’re the ones in the wrong.

Sgt. Schrecker even describes James and Alana Davis approaching his vehicle in a belligerent and violently aggressive manner. Sgt. Schrecker wrote, “John Paul Davis starts yelling at me through my closed window with a bowed up body posture and balled up fists. James Paul Davis was red in the face and spittle was flying from his mouth. James Paul Davis demanded that I step out of my vehicle in a manner that indicated to me that he desired to engage in violent fisticuffs.” All the makings of Davis being an alleged bully are most definitely present in that allegation alone.

Apparently, the Davises are upset that Sgt. Schrecker, along with other Tranquil Acres residents, had called the CCSO and the NCSHP to complain about Davises breaking well-known traffic laws and endangering their children.


Such actions are not that of a mature person seeking to appropriately resolve an issue, but that of a rather immature person who’s been caught red-handed doing something wrong. And now faced with the responsibility of answering for their transgressions the Davises appear to be seeking to deflect attention from those transgressions by making attacks on Sgt. Schrecker on social media.

What was glaringly obvious was their attempt to unethically manipulate the emotions of others to cast themselves as some kind of victim when in reality it is alleged, and appears, that they are the bullying violators. Quite childish behavior really.

And their intimidation tactics quite obviously didn’t work.

It’s probably a good thing for the Davises that Sgt. Schrecker had no trouble keeping his composure and wits about him and conducted himself wisely and appropriately by just recording the incident and making the proper complaints to the NCSHP and CCDSS rather than engaging their nonsense in the street.

Had Sgt. Schrecker had to restrain James Davis in front of his wife, children, and neighbors in the street due to his obvious lack of self-restraint it would have been quite embarrassing for James Davis indeed. Without a doubt, Sgt. Schrecker is in possession of a wealth of training and experience in dealing with bullies. Sgt. Schrecker’s obvious restraint and evident compassion for his fellow man is quite admirable. It goes without saying that most people wouldn’t tolerate the Davises’ unneighborly ways so graciously.

And the Davises’ comments on NextDoor are certainly questionable as to their tone and appropriateness as well. It appears that the Davises enjoy insulting those who don’t agree with them and their self-victimization attempts. Oddly, James Davis even resorts to being very strangely argumentative about what a team of pigs is called. Evidently, it’s really very important to James Davis that everyone refers to a team of pigs as a “herd.”

More than a few of the Davises’ comments are quite cringe-inducing.

If you’re interested, a group of young pigs is called a drift or drove. A group that includes older pigs is called a sounder or team. A male pig is called a boar while a female is called a gilt if she hasn’t given birth, and a sow if she has given birth. Baby pigs are called piglets while they’re nursing, and shoats once they’ve weaned. All pigs may be called swine or hogs.

Video Evidence 



But isn’t complaining about children driving a golf cart on a neighborhood street frivolous?

Actually, no, it’s not. TPTN received a copy of the complaint filed with the Cumberland Co. DSS by Sgt. Schrecker regarding this issue. Sgt. Schrecker pointed out several facts that prove otherwise.

  • FACT: According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, it was found that over 147,000 golf cart accident injuries occurred in the U.S. in the sixteen years from 1990 to 2006.
  • FACT: The American Journal of Preventative Medicine reports that small children and teenagers account for almost one-third (31.2%) of all golf cart-related injuries and accidents.
  • FACT: Complete golf cart rollovers account for a substantial one-tenth of all golf cart accidents; these types of accidents often result in the most serious golf cart injuries, and sometimes even death.
  • FACT: The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that golf cart-related injuries occur in around 15,000 cases every year. This is at a greater ratio than determined by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System study because these injuries are on the rise and have been for years due to an increasing lack of respect for just how dangerous golf carts really are in the hands of children and teenagers. It’s this relaxed approach to golf carts and their use that leads to thousands of serious injuries every year and, in some extreme cases, death.
  • FACT: Abstract Title: Golf Carts and Children: An 11-year Single State Experience. American Academy of Pediatrics researchers conducted a retrospective study of 11 years of ER data from the state of Pennsylvania. After identifying 108 children who had been injured by a golf cart, the researchers parsed the data based on age, gender, and type of injury. The most significant finding was that children in golf cart accidents appear to be especially susceptible to head trauma, with concussions affecting 27 percent of children, and 44 percent walking away with skull fractures. There was one fatality. One of the reasons that these injuries have become so prevalent is that parents are increasingly allowing young children to drive golf carts, despite the fact that they lack the cognitive-developmental capacity to make good decisions on the road. But quite a few of the injuries were due to collisions with children, suggesting that the ultimate danger is from the carts creeping into communities.
  • FACT: June 13, 2021 – A North Carolina man was charged with driving while impaired after a woman was killed while riding in a golf cart in Holly Springs, N.C.
  • FACT: May 27, 2019 – A 1-year-old child died after a golf-cart accident in Mooresville N.C. Three adults and four children were on a golf cart that overturned, causing two adults and two children to be ejected. The 1-year-old died at the hospital after the accident.

Sgt. Schrecker went on to express his deep concern for the safety and lives of the Davis children and other children in the Tranquil Acres neighborhood who associate with the Davis children.


The CCDSS issued a letter to Sgt. Schrecker verifying that they are acting on his complaint of child abuse and that the Davises are now under a CCDSS investigation regarding child endangerment and that the whole family will have to undergo the invasively detailed extra measure of an in-depth safety assessment regarding the safety of their children.

The CCDSS will be thoroughly investigating every little aspect of the Davises’ lives to the minutest detail to ascertain that the Davises’ children will be safe and secure if left in their custody. They will carefully check each child for injuries and demand explanations for any found. They will meticulously check each child’s clothing and the amount of food that they received daily. They will determine if the parents, or other adults in the residence, illegally use drugs or abuse prescription medication. 

The CCDSS will be investigating and assessing the Davises’ house for;

  • Leaking gas from a stove or heating unit.
  • Dangerous substances or objects stored in unlocked lower shelves or cabinets, under sink, or in the open.
  • Lack of water, heat, plumbing, or electricity and provisions are inappropriate (i.e. using stove as heat source).
  • Open/broken/ missing windows.
  • Exposed electrical wires.
  • Excessive garbage or rotted or spoiled food that threatens health.
  • Serious illness/significant injury due to current living conditions (i.e. lead poisoning, rat bites, etc.)
  • Evidence of human or animal waste throughout the living quarters.
  • Guns and other weapons are not stored in a locked or inaccessible area.
  • Dangerous drugs are being manufactured on premises with child present.

These measures serve to show just how seriously that the CCDSS takes the dangers that children are exposed to by parents who allow them to drive a golf cart on a street or highway. 

The CCDSS even took the time to thank Sgt. Schrecker for his report of suspected child neglect and even went as far as to express their appreciation for his concern for the welfare of children in our community. Sgt. Schrecker sets the example for how all of us in the Cumberland County community should conduct ourselves when it comes to child abuse, neglect, or endangerment. 

We at TPTN support Sgt. Schrecker and his complaint to the CCDSS regarding this incident and respectfully request that the CCDSS consider this article to be an additional supportive complaint to them regarding this matter. As a responsible entity in Cumberland County, having reviewed the videos and social media comments, we too believe that the Davises’ children are being abused by being endangered. We ask that the CCDSS take all measures to ensure the safety of these children and of all the residents in Tranquil Acres. 

We at TPTN applaud the CCDSS for their dedication to duty as this is a good sign that the CCDSS has overcome its past deficiencies that were sadly highlighted by its failure regarding another Davis, Shaniya Davis, who was murdered in 2009.

It is alleged that Shaniya Davis would be alive today but for failures on the part of the CCDSS to protect her. In fact, an N.C. State report calls out county law enforcement, the school district, and the Department of Social Services, for missing red flags that it says all stemmed from the little girl’s mobile home.

We at TPTN hope that the Davis children in this issue don’t experience the same horrific outcome such as a vehicular fatality because of any failures on the part of the CCDSS in this current matter.

Now we don’t know how the CCDSS will answer the questions regarding the North Carolina Safety Assessment form DSS-5231(Rev. 01/2017) but it’s not too hard to discern how the CCDSS should answer questions such as;

Don’t the cops have better things to do than harass children on golf carts on neighborhood streets?

Well yes, they do. But unfortunately there exist moronic parents who decided that it would be a good idea to endanger the lives of the legal drivers on the neighborhood streets and of their children by giving them a golf cart and telling them to go play in traffic. In our society, we place the safety of our children above all else and so when parents act this stupid law enforcement must step in and keep the children safe, especially from moronically dangerous parenting.

But I thought that there were laws against golf carts being driven on the streets.

Yes, many laws apply to this situation. 

First and foremost among them in this particular situation is N.C.G.S. §14-316.1 – Contributing to delinquency and neglect by parents and others. It is against the law to encourage your children to break the laws of the state of North Carolina. in fact, it’s against the law for anyone to commit any overt act that facilitates any child to break the laws of the state of N.C. such as a law enforcement officer intentionally failing to enforce the laws and allowing children to continue to operate golf carts on a street because they think “it’s cute or harmless.” Violation of this law is a Class 1 MISDEMEANOR.

Another particularly applicable law is N.C.G.S. § 20-32 – Unlawful to permit unlicensed minor to drive motor vehicle. It shall be unlawful for any person to cause or knowingly permit any minor under the age of 18 years to drive a motor vehicle upon a highway as an operator, unless such minor shall have first obtained a license to so drive a motor vehicle under the provisions of this Article.

A similar applicable charge would be N.C.G.S. § 20-7. Issuance and renewal of drivers licenses (a) License Required. – To drive a motor vehicle on a highway, a person must be licensed by the Division under this Article or Article 2C of this Chapter to drive the vehicle and must carry the license while driving the vehicle.

And everybody should be aware of this law. N.C.G.S. § 20-34. Unlawful to permit violations of the Uniform Driver’s License Act. – No person shall authorize or knowingly permit a motor vehicle owned by him or under his control to be driven by any person who has no legal right to do so or in violation of any of the provisions of this Article.

A “motor vehicle” is defined in N.C. statutes as “Every vehicle which is self-propelled and every vehicle designed to run upon the highways which is pulled by a self-propelled vehicle. Except as specifically provided otherwise, this term shall not include mopeds or electric assisted bicycles.” Therefore, golf carts are considered to be motor vehicles in N.C. law. 

And then there’s the law that specifically forbids N.C. DMV from registering or titling a golf cart.

N.C.G.S. § 20-54(8). Authority for refusing registration or certificate of title: The Division shall refuse registration or issuance of a certificate of title or any transfer of registration upon the following grounds: The vehicle is a golf cart or utility vehicle.

A golf cart or utility vehicle is not allowed on North Carolina streets or highways. A golf cart that has been converted to a “low-speed vehicle” (very expensive) can be titled and registered. Yes, there is a process the golf cart has to go through. Once converted an NC DMV License and Theft inspector has to examine the golf cart and then complete an inspectors report that allows the now “low-speed vehicle” to be titled and registered. Just like a normal vehicle “low-speed vehicles” require the display of a license plate. And they are required to follow all traffic laws just like any other motor vehicle. If a golf cart on a North Carolina street or roadway is not displaying a license plate then it is most likely just an illegal golf cart on the roadway rather than a “low-speed vehicle” and should have the appropriate state citations issued against the owner and operator.

We can’t forget N.C.G.S. § 20-129. Required lighting equipment of vehicles. (a) When Vehicles Must Be Equipped. – Every vehicle upon a highway within this State shall be equipped with lighted headlamps and rear lamps as required for different classes of vehicles.

Then you have N.C.G.S. § 20-111 – Violation of registration provisions. It is a violation to drive a vehicle on a highway, or knowingly permit a vehicle owned by that person to be driven on a highway, when the vehicle is not registered with the Division in accordance with this Article or does not display a current registration plate. Violation of this subdivision is a Class 3 MISDEMEANOR.

And what happens if there is an accident? The licensed drivers of their registered vehicles are where they’re legally entitled to be. But the unlicensed children carelessly and recklessly operating an unregistered, unlighted golf cart on a street are not where they’re legally entitled to be. Do you really think that an automotive insurance company is going to pay the hospital bills of children with concussions and skull fractures in an accident when they shouldn’t have even been on the roadway illegally in the first place? And who’s going to pay for any injuries or property damage incurred by the legal drivers?

N.C.G.S. § 20-313. [HAVING INSURANCE] Operation of motor vehicle without financial responsibility a MISDEMEANOR. (a) On or after July 1, 1963, any owner of a motor vehicle registered or required to be registered in this State who shall operate such motor vehicle to be operated in this State without having in full force and effect the financial responsibility required by this Article shall be guilty of a Class 3 MISDEMEANOR.

What about the children weaving in the roadway without regard for other vehicles, blowing through stop signs without looking, driving the golf cart overloaded? Well, there’s certainly N.C.G.S. § 20-140. Reckless driving. (a) Any person who drives any vehicle upon a highway or any public vehicular area carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others shall be guilty of reckless driving. (d) Reckless driving as defined in subsections (a) and (b) is a Class 2 MISDEMEANOR. 

And to finish up the list we can add the rest of the children’s violations;

  • N.C.G.S. § 20-146 – Failure to drive on right side of highway.
  • N.C.G.S. § 20-154 – Failure to use signals on starting, stopping or turning.
  • N.C.G.S. § 20-158 – Failure to obey vehicle control signs and signals.

Well, those are just infractions and misdemeanors. I’ll just pay the fine and do what I want.

Not necessarily. If this is what you believe then you are in for a rude awakening. Sure, infractions do not expose you to any jail time and only a maximum of a $100.00 fine… each.

But misdemeanors are another matter entirely. You can be incarcerated from 1 to 150 days if convicted of a misdemeanor, PLUS you can be sentenced to community service, PLUS you can have probation added to your sentence, PLUS the conviction is a criminal conviction that goes on your criminal record, which you would now have if you didn’t already, and would most certainly affect your keeping your job or getting another job, PLUS convictions of certain child abuse crimes can cause you to lose custody of your children, PLUS a very sizable fine, ($200.00) for a Class 3 MISDEMEANOR, one thousand dollars ($1,000) for a Class 2 MISDEMEANOR and the amount of the fine for a Class 1 MISDEMEANOR and a Class A1 MISDEMEANOR is in the discretion of the court running into thousands of dollars in fines.

Simply put, those who scoff at being convicted of a misdemeanor don’t know what they’re talking about. In essence, they’re fools. But then, aren’t most criminals?

But I don’t agree with these laws, it’s just children playing!

First, whether you agree or not isn’t relevant or important. Your agreement is not required. And you’re just a little too full of yourself if you think it is. Well, really more of a pompous prig. By virtue of state statutes, society has determined through legislation how things are to be so that we all may peacefully exist together and it is incumbent on you to adhere to their decisions or face the consequences.

Second, it’s what the CCDSS, law enforcement officers, and your law-abiding neighbors think that matters.

Third, are you really sure that you want to risk having the CCDSS take your children from you and place them in another home because you can’t be trusted to conduct parenting in an appropriate manner? Yes, having your children taken from you is a very real possibility. It’s even possible that you will be required to allow a “Temporary Safety Provider” to live in your home with you. One of the primary things looked for in a CCDSS assessment is how safe the environment is for the child.

Simple common sense tells anyone that giving an eight-year-old a motor vehicle (golf cart) and telling them it’s okay to play with it by driving it on a street in traffic is simply the height of stupidity, very neglectful parenting, and most certainly a potentially very injurious environment to the children.

This is especially true when considering that an eight-year-old is way too small to be safely operating a golf cart. They are simply incapable of reaching the pedals properly and lack the strength required to properly steer a golf cart designed for adult use. This coupled with the fact that they lack the cognitive-developmental capacity to make good decisions on the road is a recipe for a horrendous disaster.

The very real possibility exists that the child could lose control of the motor vehicle striking an elderly couple or other children walking along the street, losing control and striking a mailbox, another motor vehicle or bicyclist, and causing property damage or injuries such as concussions, skull fractures, and even death.

One of the questions asked in a CCDSS assessment is; “Does the parents and other adults in the residence encourage, direct, or approve of delinquent acts involving moral turpitude committed by the juvenile?”

A definition of a crime involving moral turpitude is any crime of recklessness that can lead to serious bodily harm for which operating an illegal unlighted motor vehicle (golf cart) on a North Carolina street or highway during twilight or nighttime hours, or allowing the operation of an illegal unlighted motor vehicle (golf cart) on a North Carolina street or highway during twilight or nighttime hours certainly qualifies as moral turpitude.

Thus unquestionably, in this case, the answer is a resounding yes, the parent/caretaker encourages or directs the child to participate in illegal traffic infractions, and misdemeanors that could readily lead to serious bodily injury or death. The parent has knowledge that their child is engaging in illegal traffic infractions and misdemeanors that could readily lead to serious bodily injury or death and instead of intervening to terminate those activities, the parent/caretaker encourages the activity.

Neglected Child as defined in N.C.G.S. 7B-101(15). Any juvenile less than 18 years of age whose parent, guardian, custodian, or caretaker does not provide proper care, supervision, or discipline or who lives in an environment injurious to the juvenile’s welfare. Clearly, telling an eight-year-old child to take a golf cart and go play in traffic, at dusk or twilight, qualifies, as in this case.

But, but, but,…I’ve seen others driving their golf cart around in the neighborhood!

And? Others have robbed banks in Fayetteville. Does that make it okay to rob banks now? Others have kept their kids in a closet and only fed them twice a week. Does that make it okay to starve and abuse children now? Could you possibly try to make any more of a moronic argument to try to justify telling an eight-year-old child, or any juvenile under 16 years of age, to take a golf cart and go play in traffic? The sheer imbecility of such an argument is quite stunning.

Well, my golf cart can only go about 15 miles per hour.

Again; not relevant and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that no golf carts are allowed on N.C. streets or highways. Only properly registered and licensed Low-Speed Vehicles.

What part of;

N.C.G.S. § 20-111 – Violation of registration provisions. It is a violation to drive a vehicle on a highway, or knowingly permit a vehicle owned by that person to be driven on a highway, when the vehicle is not registered with the Division in accordance with this Article or does not display a current registration plate. Violation of this subdivision is a Class 3 MISDEMEANOR.”


N.C.G.S. § 20-54(8). Authority for refusing registration or certificate of title: The Division shall refuse registration or issuance of a certificate of title or any transfer of registration upon the following grounds: The vehicle is a golf cart or utility vehicle.”

are you having so much difficulty in understanding? 

Remember, The most significant finding in the American Academy of Pediatrics research was that children in golf cart accidents appear to be especially susceptible to head trauma, with concussions affecting 27 percent of children, and 44 percent walking away with skull fractures. There was one fatality. One of the reasons that these injuries have become so prevalent is that parents are increasingly allowing young children to drive golf carts, despite the fact that they lack the cognitive-developmental capacity to make good decisions on the road. But quite a few of the injuries were due to collisions with children, suggesting that the ultimate danger is from the carts creeping into communities. And the vast majority of these golf carts were also low-speed vehicles rated at under 20 mph!

I’m having the very same problems with children on golf carts in my neighborhood. Should I make a complaint to CCDSS too?

ABSOLUTELY! And this doesn’t apply just to golf carts. It also applies to ATVs, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, or any other unregistered and unlicensed motor vehicle operated by children on a street or highway. 

Children’s lives are at stake. Children’s lives are precious and it’s up to all of us to take whatever measures we can to make sure that they’re safe, even from their parents’ moronically dangerously bad parenting if necessary. And in fact, we are all charged with the duty to report any child abuse, neglect, endangerment if we become aware of it. 

N.C.G.S. §7B-301, Duty to report abuse, neglect, dependency, or death due to maltreatment: “Any person or institution who has cause to suspect that any juvenile is abused, neglected, or dependent, as defined N.C.G.S. §7B-101, or has died as the result of maltreatment, shall report the case of that juvenile to the director of the department of social services in the county where the juvenile resides or is found.”

And what’s more, you can’t be held civilly or criminally liable for reporting any child abuse, neglect, endangerment.

N.C.G.S. § 7B-309. Immunity of persons reporting and cooperating in an assessment. Anyone who makes a report pursuant to this Article; cooperates with the county department of social services in a protective services assessment; testifies in any judicial proceeding resulting from a protective services report or assessment; provides information or assistance, including medical evaluations or consultation in connection with a report, investigation, or legal intervention pursuant to a good-faith report of child abuse or neglect; or otherwise participates in the program authorized by this Article; is immune from any civil or criminal liability that might otherwise be incurred or imposed for that action provided that the person was acting in good faith. In any proceeding involving liability, good faith is presumed. 

The conclusion?

A smart, caring, loving, and responsible parent wouldn’t even consider allowing their children to operate a golf cart, ATV, dirt bike, or any other such motor vehicle on a street or highway. Not if they want to keep their children.


5 thoughts on “Golf Carts + Children = Child Endangerment / Abuse / Neglect

  • This Schrecker guy is obviously a bully. News flash! He is not a sergeant and has not been one since his retirement in 2011. I have no dog in this fight but this Schrecker guy is obviously full of himself. Why does he use a picture that is 10 years old to identify himself as an LEO when he no longer is one? What a burden it must be to live beside this arrogant jerk! Btw, Schrecker isn’t fooling anyone. He obviously wrote this entire article.

    • Sgt. Schrecker earned the rank of Sergeant while with the Fayetteville Police Department. We at TPTN honor those who serve by using their last rank as a courtesy title just like military retirees are treated and past government officeholders. It is an accepted practice worldwide. Maybe you should educate yourself regarding the particulars of wordsmithing before you comment so that you avoid looking so foolish in the eyes of our readers. Just a suggestion. Apparently, you missed that Sgt. Schrecker provided us with a copy of his complaint and a copy of the NextDoor comment thread on which we relied heavily for much of our content in this article. The TRUTH doesn’t change no matter who writes it.

      • While well intentioned, this article drifted from being informative to being editorial. No one likes to be patronized and it is a poor strategy to gain buy-in from prospective readers. Sadly, condescension has become too prevalent in our social discourse. A recommendation to the author and editor, if you really want to help kids then take out the snark and provide “just the facts.”

        • While your comment is equally as well-intentioned it’s quite obvious that you’ve fallen into the trap of speech restricting political correctness. If one doesn’t like being patronized then one shouldn’t commit actions that lend themselves so readily to patronization. TPTN is not in the market of appeasing its readers. TPTN’s only goal is to reveal the truth and moreover to mock and ridicule those who deserve it for actions that can be classified as liberal or over anything that the Democrat party engages in. These entities SHOULD be mocked and ridiculed as often as possible. We at TPTN believe that we can do both; be snarky to liberals AND save the children. They aren’t in any way mutually exclusive.

  • This is not all neighbors thoughts. Speak only for yourself. Get off you phone while driving. That’s against the law.


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