Remember This Iconic Black Moron in Ferguson? Justice Prevails.

How can you not hang your heads in shame and embarrassment Black America at what our racial peers are doing? Many Blacks, because of their behavior, have EARNED the prejudice heaped upon them.

Black man Allen Bullock pled guilty to rioting and malicious destruction of property. Judge called his conduct outrageous.

From the Baltimore Sun:

The plea deal for Allen Bullock, 19, was offered by Circuit Judge Charles Peters and calls for a 12-year prison sentence, with all but six months suspended. He will be placed on five years’ probation after serving that term, during which time he has agreed to complete 400 hours of community service and earn a high school equivalency certificate, or GED.

“I regret everything I did.” Allen Bullock after riot guilty plea.

More like he just regrets getting caught. But it will be fun watching him wash police cars, detailing them, and picking up garbage on our roadsides. After 400 hours of that then maybe he’ll learn something.

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