Social Idiocy

Black Man’s Actions Reflect Badly on Perceived Intelligence of All Blacks

Is this Black person enduring some kind of a “struggle” because they didn’t get their way…or something?

This Black person is representing all of Black America and unfortunately casting them as witless drunken dullards who don’t have sense enough to even care for themselves properly. All Black Americans as a result of this video depicting this incident (which will go viral reaching millions) will be viewed as a people who are decidedly under-educated, crude and embarrassingly backwards.

And this person represents the Black community whether they like it, or even accept this fact, or not.

The Black community cringes and would like for us to believe that this Black man doesn’t represent them but with incidents like these coupled with the criminal and taxpayer funded welfare handout issues it has become impossible for the rest of civilized society not to be affected in a negative manner when confronted with these acts.




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