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How Many Times Do You Shoot an Attacker? How Many Bullets Are in Your Gun…

You’re sitting in the court and you have just been asked why you shot the criminal who tried to; break into your house, steal your car at gunpoint, started shooting at you at work…SO MANY TIMES.

As if you are somehow the bad person in this scenario.

Hopefully you have done all the right things up to this point. At the time you defended yourself you conversed with the police ONLY to give them your biographical information (name, address, phone number, place of business and similar) and to tell them you will talk to them ONLY AFTER talking with your lawyer first. No, it is NOT an indication of any guilt to want to speak with your lawyer first. Any law enforcement officer acting appropriately MUST SCRUPULOUSLY HEED your desire for an attorney and stop asking you questions immediately whether they are charging you or not. Be insistent and don’t let any unethical officer (usually a higher supervisor who hasn’t been on the road in a long time) intimidate you.

In reality most law enforcement officers after evaluating the incident scene and seeing that you have rid the community of a violent criminal that had most likely been a drain on their limited resources in the past will simply smile and happily heed your demand for an attorney. Less writing for them, less ammunition for the opposing attorney in civil/criminal court and YOUR attorney will be far happier.

Now back to the question; Why did you shoot poor little Antoine or Johnny so many times?

Your answer: I shot until the threat was no longer a threat.

And then the usual follow up question: But why did you shoot him/her while they were down?

Your answer: Because they were STILL a threat. (Remember, YOU decide when the threat ends…not them)

If the opposing attorney makes the mistake of trying to make you elaborate and validate your position on the matter then your attorney should be setting up the A/V equipment to show this video and others like it to the judge and/or jury.

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