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Fayetteville Mayoral Candidate Mitch Colvin Price Gouged Parents of Deceased Child

Fayetteville, N.C. – Not 25 years ago like Mitch Colvin’s criminal convictions, but just a mere three (3) years ago, Mitch Colvin via his business “Colvin Funeral Homes & Cremations” was fined for several violations of N.C. State’s laws. The Board of Mortuary Science even discovered the price gouging overcharging of a family that was grieving the loss of a child!

How can anyone justify the abusive taking advantage of a family in in the midst of the horrible grief of the loss of a loved child for money?

It is not even reasonable to claim that a ‘mistake’ was made because one simply doesn’t make, or even allow such a mistake, to be made.

Can the voters of the city of Fayetteville take such a tremendous risk of allowing even the chance of such ‘mistakes’ being made in the name of the City of Fayetteville?

On April 29, 2014, Fayetteville Observer Staff Writer Amanda Dolasinski wrote regarding Mitch Colvin’s business dealings;

  • “In the first complaint, regulators found that the funeral home violated state law by cremating human remains without an authorization form signed by the appropriate people. One person – the daughter of the deceased – signed the form. But the state board said at least one other person – the son of the deceased – also should have signed it.” [Malfeasance?]
  • “In the second complaint, regulators said Colvin violated state law by cremating human remains without an authorization form signed by the appropriate person. In that case, the brother of the deceased signed off on the service, not the daughter of the deceased, which violates the state’s protocol, according to the consent order.” [Malfeasance?]
  • The third complaint that was lodged regarded the funeral service of a young child who died in August. In that complaint, regulators said Colvin made a negligent misrepresentation in the practice of funeral service. Although there is no law requiring funeral homes to offer lower prices for child funeral services, state regulators said Colvin told the family that discounts are never offered, which is misleading to the consumer. Regulators also found that the funeral home overcharged the family. [Greed?]

Colvin was ordered to pay a $1,000 civil penalty and issue a $138 refund related to an extra mileage charge.

But there’s more!

Not 25 years ago, not even 3 years ago, but this year, in a 2017 Consent Order Mayoral candidate Mitch Colvin and his business, Colvin Funeral Home & Crematory, has allegedly been placed on probation for two years in addition to being fined another $1,500 civil penalty.

More Malfeasance by Mitch Colvin?

The preneed funeral establishment permit, and all ancillary preneed sales licenses, of Colvin FH are hereby placed on probation for a period of two (2) years, to begin on the date this Consent Order. ~ The Office of Administrative Hearings; County of Cumberland

There’s no pawning off the blame for these state law violations committed out of greed and the overcharging cheating of others by Mitch Colvin because it is his business and he alone is responsible. Mitch Colvin is responsible for who he hires and for making sure he does his due diligence to monitor and manage his business personnel appropriately. It is mayoral candidate Mitch Colvin who failed.

And neither does the optics of this translate well for the citizens of Fayetteville should Mitch Colvin be elected mayor. If Mitch Colvin can’t run his own business in a lawful and ethical manner without abusing innocent Fayetteville citizens who are grievously suffering the loss of loved ones, then how can the voters expect him to handle running something far more critical to them like the Mayor’s Office of a large city like Fayetteville where the lives of hundreds of thousands are at risk?

Mud Slinging: “To disparage someone,especially to the detriment of their reputation. Insult or discredit someone”

There will be racist activist zealots out there who will rage, threaten and make childish exclamations that this is somehow an attack against the “black” man but that is simply not true. Some will try to classify this article as “mud slinging”. That would also not be true because the only ‘mud’ staining Mitch Colvin is that of his own creation.

When Mitch Colvin committed these crimes and incurred these convictions he insulted, disparaged and brought about detriment and discredit to his reputation himself.

TPTN didn’t do it. The Fayetteville voter didn’t do it. Mayoral candidate the Honorable Mayor Nat Robertson didn’t do it.

Mayoral candidate Mitch Colvin has only himself to blame.

No one at TPTN, or anyone else for that matter, ‘made‘ Mitch Colvin commit any of these actions that got him arrested, fined, convicted or otherwise judicially noticed. That’s all on him. All we do is report the facts. And the facts do matter. The content of Mitch Colvin’s character does matter.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s all about decision making. In Mitch Colvin’s case, a documented history of bad decision making. Mitch Colvin has made bad decisions in his youth. Mitch Colvin has made bad decisions in his business dealings. Mitch Colvin has made bad decisions while holding the position of City Council member.

Now Mitch Colvin wants to be your mayor. Each and every voter has to ask themselves;

“Is it really is in my best interest to allow a convicted thief who displays such consistently bad decision making like the price gouging overcharging of the grieving parents of a deceased child, to be the mayor of Fayetteville?”

Isn’t the idea to “Drain the Swamp”?


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