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N.C. Democrat Admins Seek to Chastise Trooper; Makes His Opinion Viral Instead

North Carolina – A North Carolina State Trooper who was placed on suspension by administrators this week was launched into hero status for his opinions that he posted on Instagram. Instead of the intended shaming that his supervisors sought, N.C. Trooper Sgt. Jonathan K. Whitley was instead made viral in a positive light receiving massive support for his feelings on several matters from the public.

Just a few random thoughts I’ll share with y’all before I go to bed. Just because I feel like it:
I’ll never vote Democrat for any reason for any office. I despise the system of public education and indoctrination centers known as college campuses.
Ninety-nine percent of the media are anti-American liberal supporting communist, and I can’t stand them.
I didn’t own a slave so I owe you nothing. Including your HUD housing and EBT card.
If you act like a fool towards police and tote a beat down, don’t get on TV in hopes of getting your check. The police already gave you what you deserved.
God gave me my ability, and I put in the work so you ain’t getting what’s mine.
Prisoners should be busting rocks for 16 hours a day. If not correctional officers should be busting their heads.
People that sue farmers should be starved to death. I love bacon, so God, please bless the hog farmers most.
I hate weak leaders. They are pathetic, and I have no use for them.
I have the utmost respect for our military and our flag. I have the exact opposite for the NFL.
I despise whiners. Do the job you are paid to do or quit.
President Trump will not be impeached, much less removed from office, and I can’t wait to vote for him again.
I can’t wait to vote for Dan Forrest to be our next Governor.
Good night.

What was expected by the “progressive” liberally bent administration was to generate ire against the trooper but their efforts very quickly and virally went the exact opposite way.

Hundreds of thousands in social media are calling the N.C. Trooper a hero and commenting that they hold the same exact views and opinions as does he.

All of them absolutely agree that if you fight an officer of the law in a legitimate arrest and had to be beat down so you can be handcuffed then yes, you deserved that beating. You should have non-violently submitted to that legitimate arrest in the first place.

Notice how the Associated Press released their snippet of a story leaving out the part of the comment that states; If you act like a fool towards police…” and just printed the part that served their agenda “jkwhitley2608 says people beaten by police shouldn’t “get on TV in hopes of getting your check. The police already gave you what you deserved.” This is what’s called “FAKE NEWS“.

Note too how the obviously far-left slanted liberal AP writer manages to infer that those who despise the liberal indoctrination centers known as our schools and colleges, who never owned a slave and don’t feel that they owe reparations, EBT or welfare housing to anyone, or who would vote for President Trump or N.C. Lt. Governor Dan Forrest are somehow bad people.

These people aren’t bad people, they’re honest hard working Americans who simply feel that they have the right to be left alone,…and their wallets left alone too. Just like Trooper Whitley. More importantly, these people are the majority as evidenced by President Donald J. Trump being our current President.

The violators and their liberal sycophants always want to skip on past the part where the violator was supposed to peacefully submit to the legitimate arrest and try to make the law enforcement officer the bad guy for doing the job we all expect him or her to do.

Nowhere in this trooper’s comment did he cite any support for police abuse.

No, not even the comment about prisoners. The 13th Amendment specifically states: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Image result for video convict forced to workIt is perfectly legal and constitutional for convicted criminals to be forced to make big rocks into little rocks for 16 hours a day and for a correctional officer to smack a convict up side of the head and tell him or her to get back to work if he or she is slacking. They are, after all, slaves for the duration of their sentence as a result of their unlawful acts.

As for the rest of Trooper Whitley’s comments, they are completely in sync with the majority of the working class and especially the majority of working law enforcement officers nationwide. Notice I wrote “working” law enforcement officers, those who are in the streets daily. Not the administrators who wear a badge while sitting at a desk trying to figure out how to climb to captain, major, chief or sheriff on the backs of their brothers and sisters as is Trooper Whitley’s chain of command is apparently doing. No, not every administrator is like that, but there certainly more than a few who are just like that.

If you too are sick and tired of the liberal politically correct nonsense in North Carolina send an email supporting Trooper Whitley and his comments and let them know that you are watching them.

Click here to send email to support Trooper Whitley

or call or fax …

Troop C, District II – Wayne County 
701 West Grantham Street
Goldsboro, NC 27530
(919) 731 – 7960
919) 731 – 7961 fax

Professional Standards
(919) 733 – 7952
(919) 733-4018 fax


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