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Black Children Acting Viciously Aggressive on School Bus

Black children were videoed acting out in a dangerously vicious and destructive manner on a school bus placing other children on the bus in severe danger of injury.

After viewing the video a local Black community leader, city council member DeAntonio Faison commented, “In what civilized culture is this even acceptable? These children are apparently taught from the cradle to the early grave to be violent by their parents and surrounding adults. Obviously they dish out what they see daily right? This jumps from parents, to school, to neighborhoods. And here we see what the truth is. It’s the parents teaching their children how to be violent. Why aren’t the parents teaching these youth proper coping and conflict skills? And you wonder why there is such a thing as White flight?”

Local authorities said that while no arrests were made the parents of these children have been contacted and an investigation is being completed.

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