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The Big Story Out of the Oscars Wasn’t Race; It Was Oprah Being Mistaken for Whoopie Goldberg

[Oprah Whoopi]Oprah and the wind beneath her wings, Gayle King, took to Instagram last night to let the world know how not happy they were that the Total Beauty website got Oprah mixed up with Whoopi Goldberg at the Oscars.

“…we don’t all look alike Jeeeze!”, Oprah wrote on Instagram.

For what it’s worth, Total Beauty apologized for their screw-up. Of course, the fact that they mentioned donating to one charity instead of two has to make you wonder if they’ve figured out yet that Oprah and Whoopi are indeed two different people.

Apparently neither one have the face recognition with the public that they thought they had. And to be fair we’ve seen twins who don’t favor each other as much as Whoopie and Oprah do.

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