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Corrupt Fayetteville Ex-Mayor Endorses Mayoral Candidate Kirk deViere

Fayetteville, N.C. – Birds of a feather?

Fayetteville’s ex-mayor Anthony Chavonne, whose tenure as mayor was littered with strife, corruption and malfeasance, has decided to publicly endorse Fayetteville mayoral candidate Kirk deViere.

This shocking endorsement has many citizens of Fayetteville who may have supported deViere reconsidering their decision especially in light of deViere’s apparent acceptance of Chavonne’s endorsement.  “I am honored to have Mayor Chavonne’s trust and confidence in my leadership abilities,” deViere said.

“Mayor Chavonne knows what it takes to lead our city in a forward direction because that’s what he did for eight years as mayor of Fayetteville.” deViere went on to say.

If deViere believes that political corruption and malfeasance like “Ticket Gate”, illegal consent search moratoriums, insulting and impertinent attitudes towards judicial officials and proclamations of support to illegal sovereign citizen groups is what it takes to lead Fayetteville in a forward direction then all one can assume is that deViere’s path for Fayetteville is into the very bowels of hell itself.

Clearly such toxic leadership is not in Fayetteville’s best interest.

One of the most notable aspects of current Mayor Nat Robertson’s tenure as mayor of Fayetteville has been the calm and common sense orderly disposition of the office without the strife, corruption and malfeasance that plagued Chavonne’s tenure. This alone contributed considerably to making Fayetteville a pleasant and enjoyable place to live, work and visit.

Chavonne’s mayoral career reads like a criminal history record;

  • Political Corruption –
    • Ticket Gate Fiasco – Mayor Tony Chavonne and City Manager Dale Iman stand accused of giving special treatment to the wife of a former Fort Bragg commander. The Oct. 25 accident at the intersection of Stoney Point and Gillis Hill roads involved three cars. Officer Jennifer Rodriguez, of the Fayetteville Police Department, properly cited Diana Knight for running a red light which Chavonne and Iman had voided.
    • Illegal Consent Search Moratorium. Illegal attempt to usurp police powers controlled by state law.
    • Moorish Nation Separatist Group Proclamation. Supporting and protecting people who have been proven to lie about our police in an illegal manner.
    • Infamous Civilian Review Board letter usurping the collective control of the city council.
    • Parks bond council and city staff manipulation and threatening conduct towards council members.
  • Political Malfeasance –
    • Inappropriately expended over $200,000 in taxpayer dollars in outside lawyer costs in failed Gates Four annexation attempt.
    • Failed to appropriately represent the City of Fayetteville by failing to lobby against possible Fort Bragg cuts and thus saving jobs.
    • Vietnam Sister City Insult to Veterans – knowing such a relationship in Vietnam would disrespect American veterans.
    • Insulting decision to include the Quaker House and its Anti-War Stance in Homecoming Heroes Celebration – showing disrespect to Ft. Bragg and all soldiers.

Do you really want Fayetteville to become the Ferguson of the Carolinas?

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