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Mayoral Candidate Mitch Colvin Threatened Wife and Children

Fayetteville, N.C. – In a stunning revelation it has been discovered that Fayetteville mayoral candidate Mitch Colvin had placed his wife and children in danger of serious injury or death.

 In 2003 Daisha S. Colvin filed a complaint and motion for a domestic violence protective order against mayoral candidate Henry Mitchell “Mitch” Colvin.

Now we see why the Fayetteville Observer included that caveat in their article about mayoral candidate Mitch Colvin’s quite extensive criminal record.

“The Observer is also including domestic violence protective orders when there were criminal charges involved [emphasis added], and civil or criminal cases regarding issues with payment of taxes.”

Clearly the Fayetteville Observer had discovered that a domestic violence complaint had been filed against their political favorite, Mitch Colvin, and didn’t want to report on it as they should have.

On that day in 2003 Daisha Colvin was scared. Daisha Colvin was in fear for her life and the lives of her children. So scared in fact that she went to a court magistrate and made it clear that mayoral candidate Mitch Colvin was dangerously violent.

And not just dangerously violent towards her, but also towards their children.

Mitch Colvin was acting so dangerously violent in fact that the Fayetteville Police Department took all the guns they could find away from Mitch Colvin.

Can Fayetteville voters really afford to put such a man in the mayor’s office? A man who acts so violently that his own wife feared him and his actions enough seek protection from the courts and law enforcement for her and their children?

What does it say about a man who treats women and children so viciously?

How can the voters be sure that mayoral candidate Mitch Colvin doesn’t harbor some kind of mentally unstable hatred towards women in general, or children for that matter? And how would that aberrant mentality play out in any of his decisions should he be elected as Fayetteville’s mayor?

The goal is to “clean the swamp”.

You only have one vote. Make it a vote for decency and don’t waste it on the likes of Mitch Colvin.



3 thoughts on “Mayoral Candidate Mitch Colvin Threatened Wife and Children

  • You guys have gone the extra mile and have brought whole new meaning to “Smear Campaigning”. Do you realize who’s been in the White House for the last 9 months, with piss poor morals and ethics? Since when did morals compasses come into play? You self rightous sadducees and pharisees are the very swamp that needs to be drained. Dropped your coonin theatrics and Shananigans. Those of us who know the truth know exactly how this political agenda is operated.. Being “White Privileged” as your beloved Nat is, in this white supremacist climate is why Fayetteville is notorious for its crim rate and has been the crime hub for all people, not just the black man… Grow up, do some real reporting. But even better hit spell/grammar check before calling this journalism. The staffers write like interns SMH. … Go #MitchColvin…. What they say in the old days? A hit dog will holler? ? ??? This smear is yelping.

  • What’s a “crim rate”? You might just want to use a feature called “Spell Check” when you post. At least you won’t look ignorant because of your misspellings. Nothing we can do about your ignorant liberal ideology though. That’s all on you.

  • Almost three years later….and Fayetteville’s Finest was on 100 % right!! LMBO!!


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